Your information & Facebook

Do you know How much information Facebook knows about you?

Lots of us use Facebook regularly, or perhaps only occasionally. Either way, we have an account, how often do we consider the implications of the information we provide to Facebook? 

Where is it used? Who is it shared with? What is stored?

The answer to the last question may surprise you. This afternoon I decided to download a copy of the information that Facebook holds about me. I am very careful about what I share with Facebook in terms of location, private, and perhaps useful information (my address for example) and lockdown my privacy settings as much as possible. However, even I was surprised by some of the information Facebook stores in my profile. In particular, the fact that they store details about my off-Facebook activity, my location (taken from my IP Address), Blood donor settings, and a list of interests that are not even correct.

We all know that companies use our cookie data to show us “relevant” advertisements but do you know what data is stored about you and made available?

We’re encouraging people to take control of their online data, to keep your privacy and information safe. Facebook actually share the information they store about you, with you… so the first step is to View your Facebook information page.

Amongst lots of other data, did you know they store: