Videography and You – The key to online advertisement

In this increasingly global, interactive world, it’s fair to say people have fallen in love with video. Easy to digest, on-demand content which can easily fill up a few minutes, an hour or even a day has quickly become one of the greatest leisure activities for the modern generation. Adding onto the fact that millions of people have found themselves increasingly isolated in their homes on the back of the global pandemic; you quickly see the demand for video and content that can satisfy bored minds

Where there is entertainment value, you can safely suggest there will be business value, and Videography is no different. Simply explained, Videography is the art of all things video, whether it be the exciting television you sit down to watch at night or another social media advertisement, companies are rapidly opening up to the engaging opportunities of video advertisements, interactive branding and online connective campaigns, all of which necessitate high quality and professional Videography.

Videography isn’t just a fancy term either. Branding strategies that incorporate catchy and engaging Videography allow corporations to tailor their marketing strategies to be appealing and versatile, with videos in particular being one of the easiest sources of content for consumers to consume. For instance, consider a 2018 study by Forbes, which established that 83% of consumers will share videos to friends and family if the video matches their interests. 

That is an incredible amount of pass-along interactions, specifically when other advertisements only consisting of words or images are expected to get only a fraction of that engagement. 

Video also has a much better grip on the mobile market, with consumers having shorter attention spans on smaller devices; smaller devices being harder to read text or capture the entire meaning of an image campaign in the few seconds that it flies by their social media feed. A catchy engaging video is 1.4 times more likely to be watched by smartphone and tablet views according to google

You only have to consider the rise of internet culture, with the virality of popular “memes” and funny internet videos. An advertising campaign that can capture this essence will engage an incredibly large audience. 

Featuring Videography prominently on your landing pages and websites also helps define your business quickly and succinctly. Imagine how long you spend looking at the landing page of any given website. Having a clear and concise video, detailing the main aspects of the business and introducing the customer to the organisation in a more familiar tone helps not only to increase conversion rate, but also leads to improvements in brand recognition and consumer retention. In those 5-10 seconds the consumer browses the landing page, the landing video can already tell them these key details in a way that a picture or a wall of text could never do. 

So now we know the basic premise of Videography, what potential ways are there for you to incorporate them into your business? It’s always important in this aspect to think outside the box in an innovative manner, really pushing the concept of what “video” really can be for an organisation. 

Many companies will use video as a pre-recorded piece as part of an advertising campaign; this works fantastically for the reasons discussed prior but also leaves room to feel like the subject is not being explored to its full potential. Consider then live streaming, on-demand video content that is being recorded live as the viewer watches. These presentations of videography, often in the form of presentations, streams or web seminars (webinars, for those inclined to abbreviate), manage to go a step further than basic Videography by becoming a truly interactable and entertaining medium. 

For good examples, consider the presentation of E3, which is the gaming industries equivalent of the Paris fashion week. For a whole week, video streams are broadcast onto all major streaming platforms, such as Twitch, Facebook and Twitter, presenting each new release from the largest game developers and publishers; big announcements as well are unveiled at E3 to generate as much hype and engagement as possible with the streams. 

Such shows do wonders for their customer bases, generating internet excitement and discussion as well as keeping customers entertained and focused on the companies message and branding. Now unfortunately we’re not all multi-million dollar businesses, but the same lessons can be applied on a smaller scale. If you are a small beauty care company, hosting a webinar for interested customers would be a fantastic way to showcase new product ranges or generate hype on new releases. These same streams can also be broadcast to all your social media, which is the same tactics that are applied at E3. The possibilities with Videography are limitless.

In finality, Videography itself is one of the best devices businesses can employ to engage customers and stand out in the modern business environment. It’s important to showcase the messages you really want your consumers to hear about your business, using video content to grab their interest and keep them loyal to your brand. As we also established, the basics may be watertight but by no means must they be considered a limiting factor.

Videography is an innovative market, and the businesses who can get creative are the ones sure to prosper as our society becomes more and more globally connected online. Get creative, and invest in Video marketing today. Your business won’t regret it.