Coaching To Be – New Website

Coaching To Be

Coaching To Be needed a one-page website to showcase their services and to demonstrate their personality. Intrada created the design based on the existing branding and developed the website in WordPress.

I’m the happy owner of a new website created and built by Intrada Digital and wanted to share just how fantastic they have been.

I expected that they would have the ‘building skills’ having worked with them in the past on technical issues with a website I previously had.

But what they have also excelled at was their imagination and creativity.  I had a rough idea of what I thought that I wanted and Intrada Digital listened carefully to this, creating a first ‘draft’ website from which to work with.

Over 3 Zoom sessions they patiently worked with me to fine-tune the creative concept until I was entirely happy (delighted actually) with it. Far from being a text heavy and dull website, mine is colourful, has movement and I feel it brings me and my business to life!

If you are considering creating a new website then I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Intrada Digital.  You will not be disappointed!



Coaching To Be