Bidalah Yoga – website, photography & logo


New beginnings

It’s always exciting being involved at the beginning of a new business. In this case, we worked with Cerian from Bidalah Yoga to create a unique online presence with a new website, logo design and full photoshoot.


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Using the new logo and photography, we designed and built a one-page website which reflects Bidalah Yoga’s style. The website provides information about the company’s founder (Cerian), timetable information, Instagram feed and contact details.

The website is a starting point that will grow with the business.



We took the time to understand the concept behind Bidalah Yoga and integrated those elements into the new logo design.


Deborah, one of our photographers, spent the afternoon with Cerian photographing her doing yoga in the park. Cerian will be holding some of her classes outdoors and this reflects her love of nature. Cerian also wore the brand colours for a connected look to all elements. The photographs were taken with the website in mind, ensuring the images fit perfectly. They can also be used across social media and in print.